Terms and Conditions

1. Obligations of the parties.

1.1. ROYAL PLAZA obligates itself:

1.1.1 to provide the CLIENT with accommodation in certain hotels according to previously submitted request on behalf of the CLIENT and confirmed by ROYAL PLAZA.

1.1.2. to provide the CLIENT with the following paid by him/her tourist services:

- hotel accommodation and food;

- transfer between airports and railway stations and hotels (welcoming and seeing off);

1.2. The CLIENT obligates himself/herself:

1.2.1. to possess the required documents (passport and visas) consistent with the requirements of the Republic of Bulgaria.

1.2.2. A CLIENT under 18 years of age and traveling alone, must provide a notarized consent to travel declaration from both parents (if a minor is traveling with only one parent, the absent parent is expected to provide notarized consent).

1.2.3. to have medical insurance for the period of his/her stay in Bulgaria

1.2.4. pay the entire cost of the services within the terms settled in this contract

2. Rights of the parties:

2.1. ROYAL PLAZA is entitled to renounce the contract without incurring any responsibility, if the CLIENT has not made payment within the settled terms. The accomplishment of payment must be verified by a relevant document.

3. Booking

3.1. The booking is made upon written requests sent by the CLIENT to ROYAL PLAZA office via fax or Internet and confirmed by ROYAL PLAZA.

4. Payment

4.1. The payment is made online through the web-site of the company – www.alpin-hotel.bg – either via card (VISA, MasterCard)

4.2. After the CLIENT has submitted his/her request and ROYAL PLAZA has confirmed in written form the reservation, the CLIENT must, within 7 (seven) days reckoned from the day of confirmation, make a deposit equal to 50 % of the total sum (see § 4.4)

4.3. The CLIENT pays the remainder of the services cost within 14 days prior to the arrival date, unless stipulated otherwise.

4.4. In case the CLIENT fails to to make payment within the period provided amount indications 7 days, ROYAL PLAZA is entitled to renounce the provisions of the present contract and to deny further servicing to the CLIENT.

5. Liability of the parties.

5.1. ROYAL PLAZA  is not liable to the CLIENT in case of cancellation, delay or alterations of the terms and conditions of the stay, that are beyond the control of ROYAL PLAZA, such as:

- flight delay due to meteorological conditions or technical problems;

- cancellation or interruption of the trip due to CLIENT’s personal reasons;

- luggage loss or damage during the trip;

- denial by the competent authorities to issue visa to the CLIENT;

- denial by the competent authorities to give permission to the CLIENT to either enter or leave Bulgaria.

5.2. If the CLIENT cancels his/her trip and withdraws from the contract, company deducted the amount paid to date or partial deposit.