Borovets is approximately a 1 hour drive e from Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital city, with inexpensive transfers that are easily arranged.
There are direct flights to Sofia from London and Manchester in the UK which take about 3 hours.

Useful Websites

Tel.: 02/9603888
British Airways (Heathrow)
Tel.: 0870 850 9850
British Airways Timetable
Bulgaria Air (Gatwick)
Tel.: 020 7637 7637
Tel.: 020 7631 1263
Bulgaria Air Homepage
Bulgaria Air Timetable
To Fly from Manchester
Tel.: 0207 543 5551
Tel.: 0207 543 5569
Balkan Holidays Timetable

Indirect Flights

It is advisable to book flights early as they get full at peak season. If no direct flights are available, reasonably priced indirect flights can be booked instead. Flights via Paris (Air France), Munich (Lufthansa). Vienna (Austrian Airlines) are amongst the more popular choices.
Some web sites you might try to book these flights from are: